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Wenarto has been painting since 1991 He has created more than 400 paintings since and sold most of them to ordinary people in Seattle and around the world.


Wenarto started his photography experience at the early age of 9, when his father first taught him how to take good photos and carefully process them in a dark-room. Wenarto bought his first digital camera in 1996. Since then, he has taken more than 40,000 photos.

For quality photo equipment, Wenarto uses a Canon Digital SLR EOS 5D. His unique photography style employs good equipment combined with an astute artistic ability, creating memorable photos.

Photos Service

Wenarto provides individual, group, and family photo session services. This service includes 30 minutes of posing at the location of your choice. at least 50 digital high resolution photos copied to a CD, including 10 embelished photos* from the artist's perspective. Webhosting of your photos is also included for 30 days. All of these services are included for only $100

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*embelishment means that I spent some time to use Photoshop CS2 program to enhance and make the color more vivid, and ensure the composition is well balanced.

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