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Although he had no formal art training, Wenarto gave up his career in classical singing to make a part-time living as an artist - a decision "based more on gusto than brains," he says. But Wenarto, whose favorite medium is oil, says he has never regretted the switch. "Painting fascinates me. When I paint outdoors, I disappear into my own world."

Wenarto was born on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. He moved to Seattle as a teenager to learn Western music. Wenarto, self-taught painter, extensively toured American and European museums to study and absorb the Impressionist masterworks. Wenarto spent 1994-1997 living in Taipei, Taiwan, to study Chinese cultures, painting, and calligraphy. Wenarto also went out and painted numerous local Taiwanese scenes.

Wenarto's works are displayed in more than 200 private collections around the world. In April 1991, KIRO-TV broadcast a 3-minute feature on Wenarto and his Field of Spring. Acknowledgement include a special award for Rembrandt competition (1992), and featured group exhibition at the Seattle Frye Art Museum (1993 and 1994), at the Collection of Contemporary Art Museum, COCA (1994) and numerous exhibitions at Taipei Art Museums and American Club in Taipei.

Wenarto now lives and works in the Maple Leaf neighborhood, Seattle, Washington, US. You may contact him through wenarto@gmail.com