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  Vintners.Net outhouse

This website allows for management of the mountains of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), AKA "spam" that we get at Vintners.Net, and the blocklisting interface.

When spam is received by any Vintners.Net customer, there is a simple mechanism for them to choose to blocklist this sender. Although this mechanism can be abused, as it's a matter of trusting the customers to only submit spammers, there is a manual step in the process -- namely that a Vintners.Net staff member approves all submissions.

However, the real beauty of the Vintners.Net local blocklist is that it is extremely easy to get off of. If someone receives a rejection from Vintners.Net, it includes an explanation, and URL that will show exactly what is listed, and with a single button-click will issue a removal request. For notification purposes, an email will be sent to the requester, letting them know when the removal has been performed.

As a minor note, the Outhouse also includes a "spamtrap", or "honeypot". This is a hidden/private email address that directly and immediately blocklists any server that attempts to send to it. This address is never given out to any human, and is rendered in a non-visible fashion on webpages, thus assuring that only a "spam harvester" will ever attempt to utilize it.

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